If you’re expecting long-term houseguests over the holiday season, why not consider a mother-in-law suite? Not just a clever name, a mother-in-law suite is a small out-building situated in your backyard that can comfortably accommodate visitors, including your mother-in-law! Here are five terrific benefits to having a mother-in-law suite available for when those holiday guests come over.

  • Privacy for your houseguests. You know that old saying, “fish and houseguests start to smell after 3 days”? Well, we hope that’s not literally true, but it is a fact that after a few days, both you and your guest might need a little space. A mother-in-law suite makes the perfect guest house to ensure that your visitors have their own haven without either of you stepping on each other’s toes!
  • Cozy comfort. When you have a mother-in-law suite for your extended-stay houseguests, you are giving them the gift of maximum comfort. Deschutes County Sheds can custom-build your mother-in-law suite with a large variety of options that maximize comfort and beauty for the duration of your guests’ stay.
  • Accessibility. If you are housing a relative with mobility issues, or one who requires certain accommodations such as a ramp or no stairs, a mother-in-law suite may be the best way to get around those obstacles without having to remodel your entire home. Mother-in-law suites that have been custom-designed to grant accessibility to elderly or disabled guests offer more mobility and freedom to your loved one and giving you peace of mind that they are safe.
  • Family time. If Grandma and Grandpa live so close by that they’re literally in your backyard, imagine how much time your kids will be able to spend with them! Having family so close by can do wonders for your elderly parents’ quality of life, and your kids will benefit by having their grandparents as an everyday part of their lives, rather than just a once-in-awhile visit!
  • Independence for your aging parents. Growing old and having to depend on others is a hard thing to accept for your elderly loved ones. However, with the benefit of a mother-in-law suite, your parents don’t have to give up their independence just yet! Older adults can still enjoy the independence of day-to-day living and benefit from the privacy that is afforded to them in a mother-in-law suite. At the same time, you have your parents close by so you don’t have to worry about them living on their own. It’s a win-win situation!

Deschutes County Sheds has a number of design options available to help you build your customized mother-in-law suite. We’re standing by to hear from you- contact Deschutes County Sheds today and let us help you get started customizing your Southeast Portland-area mother-in-law suite today!

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