The beauty of a lofted barn is not only in its appearance, but also in the fact that it has multiple purposes. When you first make the decision to build a custom built barn in Bend, OR, start by thinking about what your barn will be used for and determine what added features you are looking to include. One of those features may very well be a loft! There are many benefits that come along with having a lofted barn, here are 5 of them.

Benefits That Come from a Lofted Barn

There are numerous benefits to choosing a lofted barn for your custom built barn in Bend, OR. Knowing these benefits can help you determine whether a loft inside the barn is the best option, or a regular built barn is right for you.

  1. Additional Space to Use – When you add a loft inside a barn, you do not only use the floor space, but the top loft space, as well. This can add additional square footage and useable space to the barn, without making the overall square footage any bigger.
  2. Unlimited Amount of Creativity – 
When you add a loft to the inside of the custom built barn, you can use your imagination to create any type of space that you desire. Whether it is just for additional storage space or to create an office, design studio or a man cave; the option is yours.

  3. Efficient Use of Storage Space – 
Not only do you obtain more storage space, but you’re able to efficiently use the space to your advantage. Unlike traditional models of custom built barns, the loft creates a more efficient way to keep items out of the way.

  4. Available in a Variety of Sizes – 
Just because you choose to have a loft inside the barn does not mean you have to go with a giant barn. You can choose a smaller build, and still have the loft design added. This allows you to choose from more customizable options.

  5. Create a Barn That is So Much More – 
Even those that live in tiny houses know the importance of having a loft inside. When creating a tiny house for your property, whether it is a pool house or in-law suite, the loft can create new space for the visitor to enjoy. 

Contact Deschutes County Sheds today to see how a custom built lofted barn can provide additional beauty with the space that you need, without adding additional costs to your budget. Enjoy all of the benefits that come from a lofted barn custom built to fit your needs from Deschutes County Sheds located in Bend, OR and start seeing the difference a lofted barn can make!

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Comment by Kendall Ryder July 21, 2016 at 5:54 pm

I always think lofted barns are big but I like that you point out that they don’t have to be. I just want to get a small barn for my property but I still want a loft. I am going to be looking into barns here pretty soon so thanks for the tip!