When you are looking for more storage for your home or property, there’s an easy way to go about it. Get some extra space! But what kind of space? Do you need a barn or a shed? Or a combination of both? When you are trying to determine what type of shed you need, you’ll first want to start with the reason.

What’s the purpose for the extra space? Do you have work tools that you need to store? Are you looking to expand or start a home business? Do you need utilities? How much space do you need? Do you want to increase your dry or clean storage? If you answered yes these types of questions than a utility shed may be for you.

Are you looking to house farming equipment? Do you need a home for animals? Are you looking to store feed, hay or other animal related material? It sounds like a barn might be for you.

When it comes to our barns and sheds it may really be more about what works best for you. A barn has a different pitch and slope of a roof. It looks like a barn. But it also has the capabilities to be a little bit bigger than a utility shed. Our barns also have the option to have a loft included. If you are looking for a smaller footprint on your lot, but more space, then a lofted barn may be for you. The utility shed has different sizing and features than a barn. The roof is more modern and has a different look to it. Instead of using barn doors on your utility shed, you can switch it up and have a standard single door installed instead. This can give a utility shed more wall space for shelving as well as another different look.

Whether you are looking to increase the space for garden tools or for more home storage, choosing between a utility shed or a barn is simply a matter of taste. Both as well constructed and will last you and your family for years to come.

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