When you have guests that come to visit, it is so nice. You haven’t seen them for a while and you want to visit. Everything is really great, for about the first two hours. Then you realize that everyone loves being together but they want their space as well. Wouldn’t it be great to have somewhere they could stay that was close and convenient for late night home movies and BBQs? Or do you have an aging parent that you want to spend more time with you and your kids? You might want to consider building a mother-in-law suite.

The best of both worlds, a mother-in-law suite can be added to your existing property, giving you the ease of convenience but making it so that everyone has their own space. As much as you love each other, people need somewhere that is their own and that they can make to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed in.

However, mother-in-law suites require a large addition to your home. You need to check building codes, get building permits, choose the location, design, hire a general contractor, etc. Depending on your area, you may spend thousands on adding mother-in-law suite. It can be a costly expense starting around $30,000 and up depending on size and finishes. Even conversions of areas such as a three-car-garage may be feasible but still very expensive.

A unique idea may be to provide additional space outside the home. What does that mean? There are tiny houses, ready-made cabins and playhouses that can be installed in the rear of a property. These can provide additional, private living space without the huge cost of a mother-in-law suite. Think of the benefits to you and your family. You could create a “living” room or sitting room where they could spend part of their time, just to have some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the kids. You could create an art studio, music room or other similar area where they can pursue their own hobbies without having to clean them up before the kids come home from school. Adding just a little more space can greatly improve the quality of life for everyone.

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