Imagine- you’re 6 years old and it’s Christmas morning. You excitedly bounce out of bed and down the stairs two at a time, to see what Santa left you under the tree. Now imagine your excitement when you find out that Santa has left you…YOUR OWN HOUSE! With a custom-built playhouse from Deschutes County Sheds, this fantasy gift can be your child’s reality this Christmas.

What could be nicer than having your own special space to decorate and play in, right in your own backyard? A playhouse is a portal to the world of your child’s imagination: anything they dream can come to life within the walls of their customized playhouse. Will they have a royal tea party with their favorite dolls and stuffed animals? Will they turn it into a workshop and spend hours building new creations? Perhaps an art studio, or maybe even a clubhouse for themselves and their friends? With a custom-built playhouse from Deschutes County Sheds, there’s no limit to the places your children’s imagination can take them.

On a practical note, parents, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an extra space for toy storage? A playhouse is an ideal place to keep your children’s toys from being left all over the house. With some colorful stacking bins and a few floating shelves, your child’s playhouse can easily accommodate all his or her toys, art supplies and play furniture in an organized, easily-accessible space. Now your child can have his or her very own area to play, relax and dream the day away in!

This Christmas, instead of getting more toys your child will grow bored of, consider a custom-built playhouse by Deschutes County Sheds! We proudly serve clients in and around Klamath Falls and surrounding areas, and meticulously craft each component of our customizable, modular sheds and buildings with care and extraordinary skill. We are a family-owned local business run by highly-experienced Mennonite carpenters who make it our mission to turn out a high-quality product every time.

We offer a variety of financing options, including flexible payment plans to fit every situation, as well as a rent-to-own program! Call Deschutes County Sheds today to get started custom-building your child’s ultimate Christmas gift- his or her very own playhouse! Make this Christmas the one they will remember forever- call Deschutes County Sheds today for a free consultation and quote.

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