In recent years, barn-siding has become the vinyl records of the design world: chic, a beautiful way to design your home in a way that shows your appreciation for history. Barn siding comes in so many different forms that you’re sure to find one that suits you.

Metal Siding

The most popular barn-siding by far is metal barn-siding, a type that has been available for years and has become so commonplace in rural areas across America that nary a farm or yard has no building with metal barn siding on it. The biggest problem that metal barn-siding used to have was its tendency to rust: modern metal barn-siding is often chemically treated to prevent rusting.

Wood Siding

Another form of barn-siding is made of wood. Reminiscent of the barns of New England, wooden barn-siding can come in a wide variety of types—pine, oak, and cedar are particularly popular. A great idea is to use this type of barn-siding, paint it, and stain it to give it an aged look!

Vinyl Siding

In between the barn-siding that is metal and those that are wood is vinyl barn-siding. Vinyl is very appealing for a number of reasons: it is designed to look like the wood barn-siding, it generally comes ready to install with very little in the ways of tools or expertise needed, and it is far less expensive than other forms. At the same time, however, vinyl is design only and must be put on the exterior walls.

Siding Trends and Design

There are numerous other types of barn-siding, but these three are the most popular and cost-efficient by far. The design possibilities of each are also extensive, running from providing a solid color for the home to providing a medium upon which the home can take on an antique look. Barn-siding also comes designed in mostly the same way: in long planks that can be placed either vertically or horizontally. Another option as well is to buy any of the above in shingle form, which creates the image of a cozy cottage when it is finished. Shingles come in all varieties, but those made of wood or painted to look like wood are the most attractive.

And just like vinyl records, retro clothes, and artisanal crafts, barn-siding is sure to stick around as it continues to be popular across the United States. It is preeminently useful as a design-conscious siding for your house, shed, garage, and other structures.

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