Summer is a time for adventure. Your kids can spend hours playing outside and creating worlds filled with heroes and villains from their favorite books and movies.

As a parent, you want to give your children the best that life has to offer. You can build a place for their imaginations to thrive by getting them a quality outdoor playhouse.

Here are some suggestions for DIY outdoor playhouse designs for girls and boys:

Pokemon Go Trainer Headquarters. Pokemon Go is an extremely popular augmented reality game where players walk around outside catch Pokemon. Set up your outdoor playhouse to be a headquarters for Pokemo Go players by decorating it with Pokemon cards and posters. You can even make a tasty Pokemon Go pizza that looks like a Pokeball: use pepperoni and black olives. Your little trainers will be well-fueled and ready to go back to hours of Pokemon hunting!

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party. Who doesn’t love a good tea party? Install shelves or bookcases and fill them up with teacups of different colors and sizes. A trunk filled with dress-up clothes can accommodate costume changes. Bring your kiddo’s stuffed animal collection out to the playhouse to be the tea party guests, and viola—it’s a tea party. Bonus: get a copy of Lewis Carroll’s original book to put on the shelves.

Hobbit House. This is a design that the whole family can enjoy! If you’re fans of the Lord of the Rings books and movies, recreate Bilbo’s house in your own backyard. Get copies of J.R.R. Tokien’s books to line the shelves. Make sure it’s equipped with walking sticks, swords and bow and arrows for warding off Orcs or other enemies.

Harry Potter’s Wizard Chambers. For the little wizards in your life, deck out their playhouse like Hogwarts! Add magic wands, pictures of owls and bottles of different shapes and sizes so your kids can practice their potion making skills. For extra fun, get a big floppy hat to act as the mystical Sorting Hat when new friends visit the playhouse.

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