Does your child have a playhouse, either within your house or in the backyard? A playhouse can be a wonderland for a child, but a boring playhouse is only an additional structure that they go in to only to hide.

So what are some ways that you can dress up your child’s playhouse? And, more importantly, what are some ways you can do this without breaking the bank? Here are some things you can do to dress up your child’s playhouse that are cost-efficient and will blow your child’s mind!


The first great idea is to install a cheap chalk board. These boards can be bought for $10 on Amazon or in convenience store, and a box of chalk will run you, at most, $3-5. Though it is cheap, your child will be entertained for hours on end. And it will let your child’s imagination run wild—perfect for your child’s development!

Table and Chairs

Do you have a little girl? Build a little table with little stools for her playhouse! You can put a cheap table cloth and buy cheaper tea-set toys. She will love throwing tea parties for her dolls, her friends, and you! Play along, as she will grow up faster than you can imagine! Another fun and cheap idea that can be used to dress up the playhouse is to buy gently used toys and playhouse furniture from thrift stores or garage sales. Since it is summer (garage sale season!) go see what your neighbors are selling to see if there are any toys you can put in the playhouse. Just remember to wipe down your purchases—if it is edible, it might find its way into your child’s mouth—and your child will love it!

Add Some Beadwork!

A cute and cheap decorative idea is to utilize beads! Hang these, out of reach, along the ceiling, giving more character to the playhouse that your child will love! However, take the caution clause in the previous sentence seriously: keep those beads out of reach to prevent choking hazards. These beads can be found in cheap packs at party stores and most convenience stores around Mardi Gras, running you less than $5 to further decorate the space.

These are just some great ideas to liven up the playhouse space. Most of these will allow your child’s imagination to run wild—exactly what you intended when you purchased/built the playhouse! Always remember to keep it clean and danger-free and watch your child have a great time!

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