Ever thought it would be nice to own your home and not have to worry about paying a mortgage? Thanks to the growing popularity of tiny houses, many people are living their dreams in Oregon. Low maintenance, affordable housing that is both quaint and stylish is becoming a trend for obvious reasons. By choosing to live in a tiny house instead of in the average 2,200 sq. ft. home, this new breed of homeowners can shed the excessive overhead plaguing the rest of society.  

At Deschutes County Sheds in Bend, Oregon, we have been building customized sheds since 1997. Only until recently did we hear of the tiny house movement. After learning more about the people that have chosen this type of home over other expansive floorplans, it made sense that these charming houses appeal to first-time home buyers, students and retirees alike. Suddenly, it occurred to the Deschutes team that one of our sheds, which was originally designed to be a playhouse-style shed, could actually be lived in full-time by a tiny house enthusiast.

The Deschutes County Sheds’ Deluxe Playhouse Package features a shed that has been crafted to look like a child’s barn-style playhouse with the functionality of a shed. It has many customizable options that can turn this “shed” into a tiny house for the right homeowner. It’s available in sizes 12’ and 14’ with walls reaching a maximum height of 6’3” or 7’8”. From its front porch to its 2’x3’ standard windows to the red roof, the Deluxe Playhouse Package can be your ticket to living large in a tiny way. If you are wondering if a tiny house is right for you, contact Deschutes County Sheds and allow us the opportunity to show you our customizable tiny house that just might fit you like a glove.

Buy a Tiny House in Bend, OR

If you are interested in owning a tiny house or simply need a high quality, competitively priced shed for your backyard or property, Deschutes County Sheds in Bend, OR, can customize a structure for you. We offer a comprehensive line of various warranties that protect your investment, because your satisfaction is our top priority. For a design consultation appointment, please contact our friendly team today by calling (541) 382-1872. If you are concerned that the price tag might be too high for the freedom that a tiny house provides, don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask about our rent-to-own option.

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Comment by bobnamy May 9, 2016 at 9:29 am

how much delivered to ashland ?

Comment by Melissa Henry June 14, 2016 at 8:15 pm

I am interested in more info on the Tiny Houses and Rent to Owning One. I am on a fixed income and have never owned my own place and Darn it my kids are grown and I’m soon to be 47 yrs young. i recieve $700 a month and not even half that to spend on this. Please is there any way we could work somthing out ? Thanks for your time Melissa Henry