A barn is a smart solution when you’re looking to maximize your storage at home, or to house smaller livestock. But what is the best material to use when buying a barn? Here are some things that you should know about metal barns vs. wood barns:


First of all, wood barns are vastly more attractive than metal barns. Wood barns look warmer and friendlier. A barn is an extension of your home and should reflect your personality and style.

Ease of Assembly

Second, wood barns are easier to build. Metal barns require special tools to build. Even experienced contractors may not have the skills or tools necessary to built metal sheds. At Deschutes County Sheds, we offer pre-fab custom barns that assemble easily.


And finally, simply put: wood barns are tougher. They’ll hold up to weather and normal wear and tear better than metal barns. And they provide better insulation. Metal barns get hot in the summer months and cold in the winter months. When metal barns get damaged, they become razor sharp and a pose a definite safety risk to you, your family and your livestock.

Bonus: wood barns provide a much quieter interior. Metal barns amplify sound, which can be annoying to both humans and animals. If your barn is meant to be a sanctuary, a wood barn is a must.

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Wood barns may cost a bit more than metal barns, but the extra cash you’ll be paying will be worth it in durability, performance and attractiveness. At Deschutes County Sheds, we will help you keep the cost of your barn low by providing high-quality, locally built barns with premium fir siding. We work with our customers to create custom built barns that keep your tools and your livestock safe.

Contact Deschutes County Sheds today to talk with our custom barn builders. We build barns locally, and are proud to serve Klamath Falls, OR area. Contact us at (541) 382-1872 today to experience low-prices and expert customer service. Your barn is waiting for you!

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