Every spring, as the weather warms up, the trees and fauna turn green again, and snow melts away, homeowners may notice an uptick in insects and critters that appear around the house, garage, and yard. Nature never follows rules, bugs and animals do not just find shelter in your walls in the winter: this time of year, keeping these critters out of your living space also becomes important. There are so many ways to keep these pests out of your living and working spaces that a short blog post can only scrape the surface!

Critters Making Your Premium Garage Their New Home

The first step in keeping the pests out of your spaces is to pay attention to cleanliness and your surroundings. Simply forgetting to take out your trash, wiping down your counters after eating, and cleaning your floors can attract these pests. Pay attention as well to the entrances, both doors and windows, into your home. Fill the cracks, seal the trim, and make sure nothing can fit through.

If you do have pests in your home, the first step that can be taken depends on what type of pest you have. The more destructive ones—termites, ants, bees, and larger animals—will require you call a terminator or animal control: once the pests are removed, ensure that the person you hire lays down chemicals to “seal” your home against future “invasions”!Another option is to buy anti-pest chemicals and/or traps to remove the pests. More popular products like Raid® or Terminix® are available in every convenience store across the country. Some smaller animals, notably mice and rats, can be controlled with traps from Victor® and other sellers. Finally, an often overlooked, but particularly important (especially in regards to your health) is keeping your home dry. This includes everything from its atmosphere—which a dehumidifier can help with—to making sure cups with water or other liquids aren’t lying around. These become breeding grounds for some insects and beacons for others, drawing them in to get a drink of water or get sugar from a soda lying around.

Though there are steps to remove these pests from your home, it remains that the best way to keep pests away from your home or garage is to prevent them from getting in in the first place. Literally make your home as unappealing to pests—and more appealing to you—by keeping it clean, removing potential food sources, and sealing locations where they can get in!

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