Is there anything more delicious than a freshly laid egg you’ve collected by hand from your own chickens? We don’t think so! Eggs from backyard chickens not only taste better, but also have a higher nutritional value. In order to keep laying yummy eggs on a consistent basis, chickens need to have a safe and comfortable coop.

In addition to providing low-cost, high-quality custom built sheds, playhouses and garages to Bend, OR and Southeast Portland, OR, we at Deschutes County Sheds Co. also are proud to provide custom built chicken coops.

Chicken Coops to Protect Your Chickens

Raccoons are the biggest enemy of chickens. To make sure you keep your chickens safe, you need to have a well-built coop that closes tightly at night. A custom built chicken coop will keep out even the sneakiest of predators.

We pride ourselves on building locally in Oregon with top of the line materials. Your custom built chicken coop will be constructed from premium fir siding and will last for years to come.

How Large Should Your Coop Be?

You may be asking yourself: how much space will I need for my chicken coop? If your chickens are allowed to run around free during the day, and only confined to the coop at night, you’ll need to budget roughly three to four square feet for each chicken.

However, if your chickens will be confined to your coop and run area all the time, that number will go up to ten square feet for each chicken. If the chickens are packed in too tightly, it can cause health issues to arise.

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We’re a locally run family business that will work with you to create a custom built chicken coop that fits your needs. Your chickens will live up to eight years. They deserve to have the best home to keep them happy and laying eggs to feed you and your family.

When you’re ready to give your chickens a coop that will protect them and their tasty eggs, come to Deschutes County Sheds. We provide custom built chicken coops to Bend, OR and Southeast Portland, OR. Follow this link to learn more about chicken coops or contact Deschutes County Sheds today by giving us a call at (541) 382-1872!