The Beauty Within a Custom Built Cabin

Custom built cabins from Deschutes County Sheds Co. in Bend, OR are beautiful both inside and out. They provide the owner with a way to customize smaller details while also choosing the size, location and other perks of owning a cabin. Whether you want something smaller for storage or play house or something larger for a tiny house or backwoods camping; these custom built cabins can provide you with the necessary options needed to have a cabin of your dreams.

Cabins Built Only with Quality Materials

Using only the highest quality in materials, the Bend, OR custom cabin that you choose can be the ideal one to place in the yard, on your piece of land or anywhere else you choose to place it. Here are some of the materials used in the production of a custom built cabin:

  • 1/2” T1-11 Premium Fir Siding
  • 4×6” Pressure Treated Skids Notched
  • 16” and 12” in the Center for Additional Strength
  • 2’x4’ Doubled Up
  • 12” and 24” on Center
  • All Seams are Covered
  • 30 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty Shingles (or)
  • 29 Gauge Tuff Rub Stainless Steel Roofing – with 30 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Custom Designed Cabins to Fit Your Needs

The customer is the one in charge throughout the entire process. From beginning to end, the customer informs the company know what it is that they want inside and out of their custom built cabin in Bend, OR. No matter what needs you may have for the cabin, specialized professionals can built a sturdy, long lasting, beautiful cabin that meets the specifications that you set forth for the project.

The inside design is completely up to the customer, if they want additional rooms added, or even specialty items throughout. The outside provides numerous options to hold up to the outside elements such as strong, sturdy shingles or long-lasting metal roofing. The siding is made from only the highest in Fir trees, while the inside matches the outside look beautifully.

Order a custom built cabin from Deschutes County Sheds today and see the difference of a custom built product, rather than a prefabricated design or purchasing one that is already in a permanent location, can make. Each cabin is made especially for you, with the specifications you put out there. From there, you are able to showcase such a beautiful work of art that is not only pleasing to the eye, but just as useful when it is in action. Contact Deschutes County Sheds today to start the build and find the many wonders of custom built cabinsQ