Join the Tiny House Movement

Be a part of the tiny house trend that’s sweeping the nation with your very own custom-built tiny house from Deschutes Sheds! Many people are opting for tiny houses- that is, custom-built sheds, trailers or other small spaces that have all of the comforts of home in a lot less space than an average single-family house. Tiny house enthusiasts rave about their ability to save tons of money on mortgage, property taxes, and utilities by living in a dwelling that accommodates their needs without costing a fortune or requiring much upkeep. If you think you’d like a tiny house, either for your primary residence or for a guest cottage in your backyard, Deschutes County Sheds has the custom-built tiny house for you!

SE Portland Custom Built Tiny Houses

Portland has always marched to the beat of its own drummer, and it’s no surprise that the tiny house movement has caught on more quickly here than just about anywhere else in the United States! Many residents are getting caught up in the tiny house movement, not just for the affordability and efficiency of owning a much smaller than average home, but also for the sustainability factor of a tiny house versus a regular house. Becoming a tiny house dweller is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint by requiring much less energy, water and land.

Deschutes County Sheds is a family-owned, local Portland, OR-area business. Our expert Mennonite craftsmanship and commitment to excellence in quality and customer service make us Portland’s most trusted name in custom-built sheds, barns, tiny houses and mother-in-law suites. Our modular shed designs make it possible for us to customize your tiny house just about any way you like. We offer a 5-year, 30-year and lifetime warranty on all parts of all products, so you know your tiny home will stand the test of time. Click Here to read if Tiny Houses are right for you!

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Call or contact Deschutes County Sheds today to speak with a representative about crafting your personalized tiny home. It is our mission to make custom-built sheds and utility buildings affordable for everyone- ask about our rent-to-own and flexible payment programs!

If you’ve dreamed about downsizing your life and moving into a tiny house, Deschutes County Sheds Co. is here to make your little dream home a reality! Call today to schedule a consultation and hear about our wide range of customization options for your Southeast Portland, OR tiny house. Deschutes County Sheds is Portland’s choice for quality-built custom sheds and tiny houses!