You may know Deschutes County Sheds for our custom built sheds, playhouses and garages in Bend, OR and Southeast Portland, OR. But did you know that we also offer custom built pig pens? We’re happy to serve your livestock needs!

Custom Built Pig Pens

It’s no secret: pigs are smart animals. They are also champion rooters, which can wreak havoc on the ground. To save your land and give your pigs the home they deserve, you should consider investing in a custom built pig pen.

Here at Deschutes County Sheds, we build locally in Bend, Oregon. We pride ourselves on using only quality materials. Your custom built pig pen will be built to last with premium fir siding.

We’re all about great value and customer service. It’s our priority to customize your pig pen to suit your needs, while making sure it doesn’t break the bank.

In general, the size of your pig pen will depend on four things:

  • How many pigs you’re raising. Strange as it seems, the more pigs you have, the less space they’ll need per pig, as pigs tend to crowd together. Pigs will sleep together during cold and warm weather, as long as they have shade and a mister.
  • The shape of the pen. Fewer pigs will be able to fit in a long, narrow pen. A narrow space can also make pigs nervous and can cause behavioral issues and injuries. A large square shape is your best bet to keep your pigs happy.
  • The footing in the pen. The better your footing drains, the more pigs you can fit in your pig pen. Pigs carry lots of weight on their tiny hooves. If you’re footing isn’t dry, the pig hooves will quickly turn it into a soupy, muddy mess requiring more space.
  • The size and age of your pigs. This one is simple: the bigger the pig, the more space you’ll need in your pen. We recommend designing your pen around the largest pig you plan on raising.

Take these four factors into consideration, and you’ll be on the right track to getting the ideal size pen for your pigs!

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