You’ve heard about them, you’ve read about them, you might have even seen one on the road. Tiny houses are everywhere! But what actually qualifies as a tiny house?

There’s a couple of different ways to define a tiny house and the biggest (pun intended) is determined by square feet. Because this is more of a social movement, there’s no set rules, but generally a house that is smaller than 500 square feet is considered to be a small house. Some go as far as saying structures less than 150 square feet are considered tiny homes. And even smaller tiny homes can be found at 80 square feet.

While tiny houses are a small part of real estate transactions, they are getting to be more popular. And it’s easier than ever to build your own tiny home, in a permanent location on or wheels. There’s television shows like “Tiny House Nation” and “Tiny House Hunters” that show how people look for, find, buy and decorate these tiny little spaces.

Tiny houses are sometimes compared to RV living as they both occupy a smaller space in a non-traditional way. However, tiny houses are more like houses. RVs are more like cars. Tiny houses share the same look and feel inside and out as a home. Also, the building materials are similar with a tiny house. They don’t look for the same weight saving materials that RV manufacturers do. Some only consider “true” tiny homes to be homes that don’t have wheels attached.

There are some pros to tiny houses that have led to the increase in their popularity.

But there are cons as well. While you might want to live in a tiny home, you’ll have to look for somewhere you are allowed to. Many cities have zoning requirements that dictate the minimum and maximum square footage of a home on a lot. In addition, there can be safety concerns for tiny homes when they are not built to the same standards as a traditional home.

If you decide to take the leap and divest of most of your material possessions, look into a tiny house. You might just find the right “fit” for you.

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