Deschutes County Sheds Co. Offers payment options, so you don’t have to worry about how you can afford your new shed.

Rent to own

No Credit Checks
Small Security Deposit
First Month’s Rent
Pay off any time, no penalty
Pay off in 36 months with no remaining balance, and the building is yours!*

Rent to Own Sheds and Barns

We want to help you get the shed of your dreams! Whether the use of the shed is for utility, a tiny house, pump house, pig pen, chicken coop, or other options not mentioned, we offer flexible plans. Go ahead and make the right decision in investing in high-quality sheds that you can assure will last your for decades to come. With a small security deposit and first month’s payment upfront, we allow you to pay the shed off any time with absolutely no penalty at all. We understand the importance of owning a shed and want to create better ways for homeowners to own top notch sheds in the Bend, Oregon area. No background credit report is necessary because we trust you know the importance of owning a shed and we give you the ability to pay it off in 36 months with no remaining balance and the property is yours!