Depending on your needs, one style of barn shed may not work as well for you as another. Let the experts at Deschutes County Sheds help you pick the perfect barn shed for your purposes from our extensive inventory. Use this guide to help you figure out what kind of shed is best for you.

Barns For Simple Storage

If all you want is a place to put a few boxes or yard equipment, look no further than the standard Barn. With 4-foot side walls and a rise of 6’3”, the Barn is a space-saving and economical solution for giving you the extra storage space you need at the cost you want.

Barns For a LOT of Storage

If your storage needs exceed the Barn, your best bet is the Lofted Barn. The extra loft (up to 16 feet!) can hold much more than the standard Barn model without breaking the bank.

Barns For a Streamlined Look

Maybe the classic Barn shape isn’t for you and you prefer something more basic. The Utility Shed offers the same amount of storage space in the shape we typically associate with sheds.

Barns For the Kids

Make your children’s dreams come true with the Playhouse Package! Available as an extension of the Lofted Barn or Utility Shed, the adorable Playhouse Package includes a front door, porch, and windows that let in natural light as the kids play in their own little space. For an even fancier kiddie house, the Deluxe Playhouse Package takes it to the next level, with five windows and many customizable options to transform the Utility Shed or Lofted Barn into a play palace!

Barns For the Man Cave

The Side Porch model combines ample storage space with style, giving you a place to store large items such as bikes, big toys or even motorcycles. With its residential look, the Side Porch makes an ideal hangout for a game of darts or guys’ poker night!

Barns For the Cluttered Garage

Tired of only being able to fit one vehicle in your two-car garage? With the Garage Package, your garage clutter problem is about to become a thing of the past. The Garage Package is an extension of the Utility Shed or Lofted Barn and gives you the extra garage space you need for boxes, wood shop projects or any other storage need you may have, while featuring a garage-style roll-up door.

If you live in or around the Bend, OR area, we can help you! Contact Deschutes County Sheds today at 541-381-1872 to let our team assist you with the selection and purchase of your new shed!

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Comment by Kristen July 6, 2016 at 10:54 pm

I am looking for a price list on your sheds. Can you provide one for me at Thanks!

Comment by Megan Kutzkey May 12, 2017 at 11:20 pm

Looking at pricing a building . I am interested in the lofted barn with the barn doors. Can you give me a pricing on it? I currently have to tear down and replace what is here now. I want the metal roof. At least 6 foot walls. If you would let me know what you have to offer I would appreciate it. I am currently in Hood River, Or.
Thank You