In-law suites are the new fad for recent homeowners and those seeking to add on to their homes. Whether it is an actual physical addition on to your home or property—through the extension of a room on the house or a separate building on your property—there are numerous considerations to keep in mind if you are planning of adding an in-law suite to your home.

The first is the cost of adding it.

In-law suites can come in a variety of forms, from the simple conversion of an already extant room—such as your basement—into a suite, to the addition of another room on to the house, to the complete construction of a separate building. Each of these have varying costs that grow the more radical the in-law suite will be. Adding another building will certainly cost much more than simply converting your basement into another room.

Where are you building it?

 In most locales around the United States, permits must be acquired before constructing another building on your property, and in some areas are required before adding key elements needed to an in-law suite, such as any item that requires plumbing. Inquiring about the necessary legal permits is an absolute must before adding anything major to your property!

In-law suites also carry with a primary concern of architecture: How the space will be used.

How it will be used, how many people will be able to stay there, whether it will be used for other reasons—such as storage—and what features will be included. The higher end in-law suites tend to be two-story, including a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and full bath to create full living quarter, but yours doesn’t have to have all of these options!

Finally, don’t overdo it!

For many, a simple guest bedroom with an attached bathroom will do. An unused bedroom or basement will be perfect for your needs: adding another building on to your property, while luxurious, isn’t necessarily needed.

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If you have taken each of these into consideration, and have still decided to an in-law suite to your house, good luck! Plans for a wide-range of in-law suite types can be found all over the web. You are sure to find one that works for you and your home. Deschutes County Sheds has a number of design options available to help you build your customized mother-in-law suite. We’re standing by to hear from you- contact Deschutes County Sheds today and let us help you get started customizing your Klamath Falls area mother-in-law suite today!

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