Turn A Shed Into A Tiny House in Bend OR | Deschutes County Sheds BlogFor many in the Bend, OR area, a tiny house is becoming a viable and economically preferred solution for housing needs. Although it can take a lot of sacrifices to live in a tiny house, many tiny house owners find that it is well worth the financial freedom, as well as the freedom from loads of material possessions.

Of the many ways to find yourself a tiny home owner, transforming a shed is an option that many new tiny home enthusiasts have discovered. Turning a shed into a tiny house can be simple, or more tedious depending on several factors:

  • The condition of the shed
  • The lavishness of the amenities you wish to install
  • The climate of your region
  • Your personal skills in remodeling & construction

Even if you aren’t he most experienced in construction, remodeling or home repair, you can still take steps to turn a shed into a tiny house. Just take your time, and be sure to find the best resources you can to develop your dream tiny home!

A Tiny House is Exactly What You Make of It

There are many advantages to converting a shed into a tiny house, rather than just purchasing a pre-fab tiny home. Here are some of them:

  • Often times, creating your own tiny home out of a shed can be significantly cheaper than purchasing pre-fab
  • The design can be all your own, and you can create the interior to your liking
  • Many pre-built sheds come with financing or rent-to-own options
  • You get the satisfaction of completing the project yourself
  • Stable base construction from which you can expand the interior

There are many different blogs and tiny home resources online that can help you to determine how best to convert your shed into a tiny home, and how to best make use of small spaces.


Pre-built Sheds to Turn Into Your New Tiny House in Bend OR!

At Deschutes County Sheds, we offer many different models of sheds that are perfect to be turned into your next tiny house. Call today to talk about what models we offer, and discuss our rent to own service! We are sure we can help you turn your tiny home dream into a reality! (541) 382-1872

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Comment by adam hubbard April 30, 2016 at 9:56 am

I am interested in purchasing a rent to own shed from you to make my own custom tiny home. What are the necessary steps to get a development permit for such a project?

Comment by Joshua & Angela Wilson July 19, 2016 at 9:07 am

Hello I would like to know more about pricing preferably on the deluxe models .probaly the size of about 14’x20′ or bigger. Me and my wife are seriously considering your product as a home for ourselves here in creswell. So if you could email me a little more info on your rent to own policy and the pricing that is associated with it that would be awesome thanks and we look forward to your response