Have you been thinking about a tiny house? Starting with a shed might be one of the best options available to you. Think of it this way. You’ll get such a head start over building it from scratch! There is no need to track down plans, buy lumber, cut, nail or do the roofing! You’ll be miles ahead in a structurally sound building. Let someone else do the hard part and you can focus on the fun stuff!

Some shed companies also have their own financing or rent to own options. Try getting a house payment for only a couple of hundred dollars a month. That could be totally doable with your new project!

And don’t forget the warranty. Most shed companies offer some type of warranty on their sheds so this is a great plus as well!

You can design the interior layout of the shed any way you want. Get the dimensions for the shed that you are anticipating buying or measure the shed that you have. Use those dimensions to draw out just what you want to do. Brainstorm how you want the walls to be, where you need doors, windows, etc. If you are looking to buy a shed, how customized can you be? Can you determine where to put the windows or doors? If you already have a shed, you’ll need to work within the constraints of what you already have but it is still doable.

You’ll want to check with your local governments about any permit you need to make sure you are all legal. However, many locations don’t require building permits for sheds to that is one more plus in your column. Converting a shed to by your tiny house might just be the solution that you were looking for. At a fraction of the cost of regular homes, a shed or a tiny home that started out as a shed is a great option.

Make sure you do the needed research to truly turn your shed into a home. Don’t forget the basics like insulation and plumbing. After all, there are some basic needs that need to be met.

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