Imagine the scene: you wake up on a bright Saturday morning, ready to finally get to work on a lawn that is just emerging from winter. You grab a mug of coffee, head out to the back yard, open the shed, and remember the mess you left behind cleaning up the leaves from last fall. No work is getting done until the shed is clean and organized.

Shed Storage

Where do we begin? Let’s start with the heavier tools—your chainsaws and the like—and put those on a bench. No bench? No problem! Building a raised platform of any kind on a wall of the shed is easy: simply find a pallet (or build one yourself), nail part of it to the wall, and place supports at the other end! Alternatively, you can buy one—plastic from larger stores, and wood ones from local builders.

Move next to the other tools that are taking up a lot of room: rakes, shovels, hoes, brooms, and the like. Here is where a tool corral—that plastic item with holes through which you can slide the handle of tools through to store them in a corner or against a wall—can come in handy. Most major hardware stores and lawn and garden stores have one, and as summer approaches, sales on these products will continue to grow.

Another great idea that can come in handy in keeping tools and implements in their proper places is a pegboard. If you are unfamiliar with the name, just think back to your grandfather’s garage, with its tools hanging by nails that are pushed into a wall with holes. That wall is a pegboard and they are fantastic for hanging handheld tools like hammers, levelers, screwdrivers, and wrenches, amongst other tools. Many hardware stores have great sales on pegboards, and many will carry hooks and other implements to hang your tools.

An often overlooked item you have to consider is where each of these organizational items should go. Everything should be within easy reach—both to use in your yard and to put away when you are done. You should also avoid putting the bench on the back wall, and consider putting it on a side wall to ensure that you can reach it if you decide to store larger machines, such as your lawnmower, in the shed as well.

Now that you have the tools, execute your plan.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll get to work on the lawn tomorrow.

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